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January 26th, 2015 Forest Tax Symposium


Forest Tax Symposium: Understanding Oregon's Family Forest Tax Landscape 
January 26th, 2015 
OSU’s CH2M Hill Alumni Center in Corvallis, OR

Join fellow landowners, foresters, and trained tax and estate planning professionals to learn about the myriad of taxes related to forests and forestland ownership.

InstituteKeynote: Risks and Rewards of Family Forestland OwnershipPresented by Clint Bentz, Boldt, Carlisle & Smith

Income Taxes:This session will take a brief look at determination of basis, capital vs. ordinary gains, and the reforestation tax incentive.
Presented by Tammy Cushing, Oregon State University

Property Taxes,Deferrals & Harvest Taxes: Learn all about Oregon’s unique forest property and harvest tax programs from one of the professionals who helped design them! Presented by Clint Bentz, Boldt,, Carlisle, & Smith

Estate, Succession, & Business Planning: Learn about minimizingestate taxes and optimizing income tax basis, family and operational dynamics, and problems to avoid.Presented by Jeff Cheyne,, Samuels, Yoelin, Kantor LLP; Steve Lane, GleavesSwearingen LLP and Rick Barnes, Barnes & Associates

Conservation Easements:Learn how easements can protect your forestland. Topics will include donated vs. purchased easements, and general tax benefit potential.
Presented by Claire Fiegener, Greenbelt Land Trust

Top Ten Ways to be TaxSmart: Get some valuable tips to help you minimize the tax bite from activities on your forest land.

Finding the RightProfessional: Professional assistance can be critical to tax planning. Learn the roles different professionals play and how to find pros who will be the right fit for your family.
Presented by Sherry McConnell. Attorney at Law

Formsof Business For Family Forestlands: Choice of business organization can be critical in the management of forestland. In this session different organizational forms, as well as the legal and tax implications of the choice of form, will be discussed.Presented by John Hasbrook, Oregon State University

The symposium will also include a facilitated roundtable discussion and a wrap-up session.
Questions? Interested in supporting this event? Contact OSWA at taxsymposium@gmail.com or 503.588.1813