Forest Management Planning

Developing a course of action to achieve your vision for your property

A forest management plan outlines your family’s vision for your forest, describes the current forest condition, and outlines a plan of action to achieve your management goals. A forest management plan is not just about the trees. It encompasses all the resources on your property – roads, water sources, wildlife habitat, recreational sites, and anything else that is relevant to your family and your goals. A plan can help you keep track of activities, communicate with family members and professionals, and earn green certification for your forest.

Learn more about writing a forest management plan

The following resources will help you understand the benefits of having a forest management plan and start in on the process. Start with the Oregon Forest Management Planning Website. It contains guidance on what kinds of information to include in a plan and how to obtain it, tools for writing a plan, and other resources.

For more information, please conact:
Amy Grotta, Oregon State University Extension Service



Oregon Forest Management Planning Website
An online guide from Oregon State University to writing a forest management plan.

Management Planning for Woodland Owners: Why and How
A brief overview publication from OSU Extension on what a management plan is and why it is useful.

Management Planning for Woodland Owners: A Visual Guide
A multimedia resource exploring the concepts of woodland management planning through videos, maps, and audio segments from woodland owners.

My Land Plan
Use this online tool to create maps, establish goals and actions, and connect with a forester. Provided by the American Forest Foundation.